About us


Started in 2002 by complete novices in the printing industry Mr Arvind Mittal and Mr Deepak Gupta, Salasar has touched new heights ever since its inception and continues doing so. A state-of-the-art printing press that houses some of the best quality equipments and machines and now reached an enviable position with an experience of more than 20 successful years. Customer satisfaction is like second nature to us. We are completely dedicated to our customers and strive to provide for them to the best of our ability with every single product that we deliver. We can handle all your needs pertaining to printing, processing, binding, shrinking, packaging and dispatching. Blessed with a man power of more than 100 employees who toil hard day and night, we aim to produce supreme quality goods as per the client’s specifications. We help our clients see their thoughts being processed beautifully on paper. No wonder all our products are technological wonders but with a little human touch. It is this human touch that makes us stand apart from the crowd and do wonders in the print industry. Even with a little sprinkle of effort, we can turn something into an innovative brainchild. Tied up with many international publishers like Grace Scientific Publishing LLC (U.S.A), Stadium Press LLC (U.S.A.), New Century Publications, International Book Distributing Co. and national brands such as Spring Home, @Home, Orient Craft, Haus, Diva Home Accents, Orange Impex, Eve Fashions, Sara Textiles, Rickshaw delivery, Atlas Experts, Reference Press, Visco Crafts and many more..