Salasar is an offset printing house equipped with a state-of-the art printing press facilitating high quality printing services that are effective as well as appealing. Our printing press equipped with latest machinery and equipments helps us to attain our goal of delivering top quality products that appeal to all age groups.

Salasar is largely an offset printing press backed by the latest technology and manpower and resting on its laurels achieved in the past. We are completely reliant on our infrastructure and technology that is reliant on manpower which makes us a self-reliant unit. We function in close coordination with each other trying to create masterpieces that become the motivating factors for the coming generations in the future.

Equipped with the latest technology and the most efficient manpower it is our endeavor to devise printing solutions that are at par with the recent trends in the industry and exceed all expectations. From the process of printing to binding, shrinking, finishing, packaging and dispatching we are adept at all and execute them with finesse. Be it regarding raw material or finished goods, we provide you with a variety of printable solutions that can become an owner’s pride and give him an extra edge over all others.